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What Makes a Good Exhibition Bundle?

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Exhibition bundles are designed to take some of the guess work out of the planning and to make your life as an exhibitor slightly easier. The backdrop and accessories are taken care of and have been chosen to compliment the available space, that’s one thing marked off the list.

Other than being pre-designed, there are many things that make exhibitions great.

These are the things we think make a good exhibition bundle.


As an exhibition visitor, entering an overcrowded stand space can be enough to put you off. The stand design needs to be enticing and shouldn’t deter visitors.

There has to be the right balance between the backdrop and the amount of accessories. Branding is important, but there should be spare floor space to easily move around and to invite potential customers.

Custom Branding

The items that are included in the exhibition stand bundle should be customizable. The point of going to a tradeshow is to get your branding out there, and your bundle should support this.

It doesn’t have to be large branding but to place a logo, web address or social details would be handy.


If your plan is to attend multiple shows throughout the year with the same display stand, planning how the stand can be transported will be a big part of the decision making process.

The stand and accessories should come with a storage case or have a build that can be made smaller while travelling. Lightweight, easy to store and transport display stands is the ideal solution when you’re on a budget or looking for ease when exhibiting.


Being able to use an exhibition bundle in more than one way means you’ll be getting even more for your money. Once you have the bundle in your possession, you’ll be able to play around with the set up and position the items in a fashion that best suits the stand space.

For future events, it’s worth while taking note of which items can be used as stand alone items and the alternate ways the exhibition stand bundle aspects can be utilized.


To make exhibition displays future proof there must be some way to adapt them. This can come in the form of being able to replace panels, adjust the configuration or to completely redesign the stand.

Adjustable pop up stands and display backdrops are invaluable and are worthwhile investment. An exhibition stand which can support you through growth, business changes and various stand sizes is always a winner.

Good value

As with most things exhibition related, it comes with a cost. Where you can, saving a few pounds is preferable and takes the pressure off the budget. Start by listing what’s included in the bundle and how you’re able to utilise each aspect.

By taking interest in each individual item, it’ll be clear to see if the exhibition bundle is good value to you and your business.