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I Had 17lb Triplets …no Wonder My Bump Was So Big!

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Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. HOME News Royal Showbiz & TV Sport Comment Finance Travel Entertainment Life & Style UK Politics Royal US World Science Weather Weird History Nature Sunday InYourArea Having triplets is never easy… but when the babies weigh more than 5lbs each it’s a real challenge.

WORTH THE WEIGHT: Mum Steph with partner Curtis and children Leo, Luna and Arabella (Image: Getty)

When Steph Howard gave birth the children had a combined weight of nearly 17Ibs.

Steph, 30, who is supported by the Twins Trust, said: “I put on over 6st during pregnancy, so

I expected them to be big.

“But we got a real shock when they were born and we were told their birthweights.

“No wonder my bump was so huge – I couldn’t get out of the bath or tie my shoes up.”

From left to right: Leo, Luna and Arabella (Image: Getty)

Steph lives in Cambridge with partner Curtis, 29. They were thrilled when they discovered she was pregnant but she began to suffer terrible morning sickness.

A scan at 12 weeks revealed the reason she was feeling so ill.

Steph, who worked for an examining board, said: “I couldn’t keep anything down and I was in and out of hospital on an IV drip because of dehydration.

“When I went for the scan and the sonographer told me I was pregnant with triplets, I knew why I’d been feeling so ill.”

Steph whilst pregnant with the triplets (Image: Getty)

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She continued: “Everything was fine and I enjoyed the pregnancy.

“It was just that my bump grew so big. At 24 weeks I went for a check-up and the receptionist said it looked like I was going to pop. I looked full term and about to deliver them at any moment.”

At 35 weeks a scan showed a potential problem with the blood flow in the placenta and she was taken for a caesarean section in June 2021 to deliver the babies.

Leo arrived at 5lb 5oz, Luna at 5lb 7oz and Arabella at 5lb 8oz.

They were allowed home after one week and have just celebrated their second birthday.

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