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Home » Young Girl, 4, Scarred For Life After Terrifying ‘bigger Than Pony’ Dog Attack

Young Girl, 4, Scarred For Life After Terrifying ‘bigger Than Pony’ Dog Attack

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Luna-Ann still asks if her face will stay the same, her mum said (Image: Amy Hobson)

A brave four-year-old is scared after being attacked by a savage dog as the terrifying ordeal will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Luna-Ann Forsyth needed surgery and 40 stitches after a brutal attack by an American bulldog-cross which ripped a chunk out of her cheek in April. 

She will need several more operations to fully repair the damage.

Her mum Amy Hobson told the Mirror her daughter heartbreakingly keeps asking her: “Is this going to be on my face forever, Mummy?”

The dog, which the mum described as “probably a bit bigger than a Shetland pony”, left her fearing for her daughter’s life after it tore into her face.

The desperate mum had to punch and kick the animal to get it away from her daughter.

She said she was horrified to learn the dog was still being held in police kennels and there remains no words on any legal actions. 

Amy, on Nuneaton, Warks, said: “He’s not been put down. It’s been four months and there’s been no decision, as far as I know. It’s crazy to have these huge dogs.

“We think it might be an American bulldog mixed with a great Dane, but the tests haven’t been done yet.”

She added: “I want change. The law is failing right now.”

The dog that mauled Luna’s face (Image: Amy Hobson)

The horrified mum said her daughter still talks about her face, and she has to tell her daughter that while the wound may fade, it will never go away. 

“Me and her dad tell her all the time that she’s beautiful no matter what,” she added.

The American Bully breed, which includes XL Bullies, has now been linked to 14 deaths since 2021.

It is claimed 44 percent of all reported dog attacks this year have been caused by bully type dogs, but ministers recently rejected calls to ban XL Bullies. 

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Luna had to have plastic surgery and 40 stitiches – with more operations required (Image: Amy Hobson)

The four-year-old girl was rushed to A&E immediately after the incident in a taxi as 999 call handlers said it would take several hours for an ambulance to arrive.

The little girl was operated on for over two hours and doctors said she will be left with permanent scarring.

Amy said she has since fallen out with the dog owner after they allegedly hid the dog and refused to give it up to police for over 24 hours.

The dog was closed off in a room upstairs but managed to open the door and came bounding down, she said.