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Home » Girl’s ‘toe Ripped Off’ In Queue For Fairground Ride With Bone ‘hanging Out’

Girl’s ‘toe Ripped Off’ In Queue For Fairground Ride With Bone ‘hanging Out’

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A mum has told of the horrific moment her teenage daughter “lost her toe” while queing for a funfair ride.

Ashley Clark was left in a panic after seeing the “bone hanging out” of her daughter Millie Taylor’s foot.

Millie, 13, had been waiting to get on the popular Toxic ride on the Low Green at the International Ayr Show in Scotland with her nine-year-old cousin Carter.

According to reports, her foot was crushed by a barrier that drops down to allow the ride to take off after taking one step onto the platform.

Ashley, 35, from Drongan, told Ayrshire Live: “Millie was standing in the queue to go on the Toxic ride with her cousin.

“She has went to walk up just before the ride started, and she took an extra step onto the platform. The platform fencing has come down on her foot and it’s been crushed.

“I was standing by the side of the ride at that point. I just saw Millie limp over and I could see all the colour drained from her face. She was wearing white Converse trainers and you could see her bone hanging out. I was in a complete panic, I started running around looking for first aiders but I couldn’t see any.

“Eventually I got the police who got first aiders and paramedics.

“When they took her shoe off, the police had to take me to the side, I couldn’t bear to look at it. Her toe had been completely ripped off.”

Staff who operated the ride have been blasted by onlookers with several concerned parents claiming staff placed Millie on the stairs and continued to operate the ride.

Another mum who was in attendance, has told how she rushed to Millie’s aid as she was “about to collapse,” from the stairs at the side of the ride.

Joanne Young, 45, a trained first aider from Coatbridge, said her daughter, Robyn Young, 13, was queuing behind Millie and noticed that the staff were telling kids to keep moving up before the incident.

Joanne told Ayrshire Live: “I noticed the guy had sat Millie down at the side of the stairs, she was chalk white and she looked like she was going to pass out. I rushed over, she looked down at her foot, I looked down at the same time, we both saw the bone sticking out. She just collapsed at that point, head-first off the stairs. I lay her on the ground. Whilst we were working on her, the ride continued above our heads.”

The distressing incident took place around 4.20pm on Saturday. Medics rushed to the scene with Ashley admitting she “couldn’t watch” as they uncovered the brutal extent of her daughter’s injuries.

Millie was taken to hospital by ambulance and had to get emergency surgery over the weekend to salvage what was left of her pinky toe. Brave Millie was given morphine to ease the excruciating pain before being put into an ambulance and taken to hospital.

She then had to go under the knife where surgeons shaved the exposed bone and managed to pull the skin over. Another three toes were crushed in the incident but thankfully were saved.

Ashley now hopes there will be a full investigation after being stunned that the ride was able to continue. The mum-of-three added: “The way the staff handled it was ridiculous, where was the sense of health and safety? They never got any medical attention at all for my daughter.

“I was standing there saying ‘the bone is hanging out her foot,’ the woman just carried on with the ride as normal, whilst Millie was lying on the ground. It needs to be investigated further, it should never have happened.”

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council said: “This was a deeply distressing incident and our thoughts are with the injured child and their family. The council checks that fairground operators have the required certification and insurance in place prior to issuing any licence to operate. However, how people access rides and how they are run is the responsibility of their operators.

“The Health and Safety Executive would be the authority who would carry out any investigation as required.”

The Heath and Safety Executive has been contacted for comment.