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‘I’m Tired Of My Daughter Complaining About Her Life But I’m Worried I’ll Lose Her’

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She said that her daughter has not spoke to her for weeks (Image: Getty)

A mother has taken to social media to vent about her disgruntled daughter, who said she felt like a “third wheel” on their family holiday. 

Posting on the popular Reddit forum #AITA, she said that out of her three children, her 27-year-old daughter’s love life is unsuccessful, and she has been cheated on “many times”, while also currently being in a “toxic” relationship with her current boyfriend. 

It was her aunt’s birthday recently, and to celebrate, the whole family booked a holiday, including her daughter, whose boyfriend did not go. And although they did a lot of things together as a family, they also split up into their couples to have time alone together. 

This was exactly what caused to her troubled daughter to complain that she “hated” the trip, stating it was like a “cruel joke” when other family members showed affection to their partners because she was there on her own. 

The mother went on to say that after arguing with her daughter about her complaints, she has not spoken to her for two weeks, and although her husband is on her side she’s worried she is going to lose her daughter for telling her that “just because her life isn’t going well doesn’t mean others will stop living theirs”.

Her daughter was angry that couples split off to do their own thing while away together (Image: Getty)

She said: “She’s gotten cheated on many times, and her previous relationship was unhealthy. I also believe she’s in a toxic relationship with her current boyfriend. 

“My nieces and nephews, along with my other kids are all happily married, some starting their own families. It was my sisters birthday recently, and she and her husband had planned the trip for the family. She helped with expenses if needed but for the most part, everyone paid for themselves. 

“My daughter was the only one going by herself. We did things as a family, but there were times when we split up to do something with just our partners. So sometimes my daughter was by herself or basically being a third wheel. 

“At the end of the trip, my daughter complained to me how she hated going on the trip, that she felt like it was a cruel joke that she was there by herself and that the others should not have shown affection to their partners when she was around.”

The mother said that it was not the first time her daughter had done this because it had happened after other holidays and birthdays they spent together.

She said: “I’ll admit I’m tired of my daughter complaining about this, so I told her that just because her life isn’t going well doesn’t mean others will stop living theirs.”

But it was that statement that caused huge problems with her daughter, who has refused to speak to her since. 

She said: “That was almost two weeks ago. My husband is on my side but I’m worried I’ll lose my daughter.”

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The mother went on to say that she even told her daughter she could have taken a friend on the trip, but she decided not to. 

She said: “She was allowed to bring a friend, and my daughter isn’t single, I plan to try and reach out to my daughter and talk.”

Her post was littered with responses, all giving their opinion on the issue. 

One comment said: “Why would you plan couple activities on the trip if not everyone was in a couple? She’s 27 for crying out loud. Still pretty young. Her complaining about people showing affection is ridiculous, but have you stopped to think about how she might have felt on this trip?

While a second said: “She could have decided not to go. I think its unfair for the whole family to not do something because of one person.

And a third said: “In my experience, it’s fairly normal for people to break off into couples at times over the course of a trip for certain activities and then meet up for others. Especially if it’s a several-day long trip. Not everyone wants to do the same thing, this way people can do what they want and meet up so it’s still at times the entire family.”