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Home » Man Banned From UK City Centre After Stealing 29 Cans Of Lynx From Poundland

Man Banned From UK City Centre After Stealing 29 Cans Of Lynx From Poundland

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Steven Betts (Image: SWNS)

A man has been banned from a UK city centre after stealing 29 cans of Lynx from Poundland.

Steven Betts has been forbidden from endering the centre of Leeds as part of a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order issued by Leeds Magistrates Court.

Betts, who has been dubbed ‘the Lynx thief’ stole 29 cans of the popular deodorant from a Poundland on July 10.

Just two weeks later, the 40-year-old criminal stole £20 worth of aerosols from the same shop on July 24.

West Yorkshire Police said Betts was stealing the deodorants to fuel his solvent abuse.

The incident happened in Leeds city centre (Image: Getty)

They added that he assaulted staff when he was challenged about what he was stealing.

The court heard how he shoved one female member of staff before throwing a punch at a second when the first member tried to detain him.

Betts was later detained by another member of staff who he had shoved in the chest earlier in the incident.

Betts stole from a Poundland (Image: Getty)

Betts was charged with seven thefts, two counts of common assault, criminal damage, and assaulting an emergency worker.

He admitted the offences and was jailed for 25 weeks at Leeds Magistrates Court last month.

The court also imposed the five-year Criminal Behaviour Order that excluded him from the city centre when he is released from prison.

Speaking about Betts, inspector Natasha Tierney said his actions had had a “significant negative impact”.

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Inspector Tierney said: “Betts’ prolific offending has had a very significant negative impact on staff at several city-centre businesses.

“Not only has he repeatedly stolen from them, but he has turned violent when challenged, causing understandable distress and upset to those involved.”