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Northern Lights ‘red Alert’ Issued For UK Right Now

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The northern lights as seen near Dublin earlier this month (Image: @SnowbieWx)

If you have ever wanted to witness the Northern Lights – also known as the aurora borealis – now might be your chance.

Aurora Watch UK has issued a ‘red alert’ stating that the phenomenon is “likely” to be seen over much of the UK. The Lancaster University skywatchers issued the alert at 11.18pm on Sunday (September 24) night.

It is the second red alert to be issued this month. The UK was treated to an incredible light display on Wednesday, September 13, when the aurora borealis could be seen as far south as Cornwall.

The Met Office says the northern lights occur “as a consequence of solar activity” and “result from collisions of charged particles in the solar wind colliding with molecules in the Earth’s upper atmosphere”.

The national weather forecaster says the lights appear as “large areas of colour including pale green, pink, shades of red, yellow, blue and violet in the direction due north”.

“During a weak aurora, the colours are very faint and spread out whereas an intense aurora features greater numbers of and brighter colours which can be seen higher in the sky with a distinct arc.

“This incredible occurrence can be occasionally seen in the night sky over Britain,” added the Met Office.

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