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Home » Woman Horrified To Discover Huge Kingsnake Taking A Nap In Her Bed

Woman Horrified To Discover Huge Kingsnake Taking A Nap In Her Bed

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The snake was discovered in the woman’s bed (Image: Shauna’s Pet Shop Facebook)

A huge kingsnake was caught trying to take a nap in a woman’s bed after she discovered it hiding under the covers.

The yellow Californian Kingsnake was found on September 8 before being taken to a garda station.

Officers handed the reptile over to Shauna’s Pet Shop on Capel Street in an attempt to find its owners, reports DublinLive.

Shauna’s Pet Shop wrote on Facebook: “We are hoping to reunite this lovely Kingsnake with their owner, he was found in an unsuspecting individual’s bed in Dublin 8 this afternoon!

“He’s had a busy day after trying to have a kip in someone’s bed to only find himself in a Garda station a short while later (he didn’t mean to trespass…) he is now safe with us. Shake out your bedsheets tonight folks…

The pet shop has launched an appeal to find its owners (Image: Shauna’s Pet Shop Facebook)

“Proof of ownership will apply. Please message us if this is your snake or share this post in the hopes of finding the owner.

“Agricultural Department notified due to the species involved,” they added. Kingsnakes are non-venomous and are usually found in the US and Mexico.

Social media users were left bemused by the discovery of the unusual critter. One person joked: “Looks like St. Patrick forgot one.”

A second said: “This is hilarious!! And the poor snake.. hope he gets back home okay.”

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