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Home » American Leaves Brits Baffled After Eating Her First McDonald’s In The UK

American Leaves Brits Baffled After Eating Her First McDonald’s In The UK

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Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. HOME News Royal Showbiz & TV Sport Comment Finance Travel Entertainment Life & Style UK Politics Royal US World Science Weather Weird History Nature Sunday InYourArea An American TikToker has left Brits baffled after she tried her first McDonald’s in the UK. Man shares secret McDonalds menu item – A giant birthday cakeAn American has left Brits baffled after she tried her first McDonald’s in the UK.

Emily Shaw is a TikToker who, in a video that got 364,000 views, tried a selection of McDonald’s items “to see what the difference is”.

Viewers were left baffled by the California woman’s (TikTok/@_emmilyy38) reaction to certain things.

She was interested in trying menu items that they don’t have in America such as Cadbury’s caramel McFlurrys and veggie dippers – but didn’t give glowing reviews.

The TikToker gave the Malteaser McFlurry just five out of ten, saying it just tasted of the chocolate sweet and vanilla ice cream. She had higher praise for the Cadbury’s caramel McFlurry however, giving it eight out of ten.

Emily tried McDonald’s in the UK for her followers (Image: TikTok/@_emmilyy38)

Despite saying “ew” when she first looked inside the veggie dippers, Miss Shaw ended up giving them seven out of ten, saying they “weren’t that bad”.

The TikToker tried the millionaire’s doughnut as “we don’t have it” but said it “didn’t have much flavour” and that the caramel filling was “too sweet”.

The banana milkshake apparently had a “really strong banana flavour” and received a six out of ten.

Miss Shaw also taste-tested the classic McNuggets, assuming they would be the same as in the US, only to be disappointed. She gave them four out of ten, saying they were “really gross” and “weren’t as good”.

She tried veggie dippers and chicken nuggets (Image: TikTok/@_emmilyy38)

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Food from an American McDonald’s compared to British McDonald’s doesn’t just differ in terms of taste.

Menu staples such as the chocolate milkshake or the Oreo McFlurry have more than double the calorie count in America when compared to the British menu.

The influencer regularly posts travel and lifestyle content on her account.

Other places she visited while in the UK include the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden, the British Museum and Camden Market.

On her trip to Europe, she also went to Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam.

Miss Shaw, who recently moved to North Carolina, has 32,000 followers and her videos get up to 380,000 views.

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