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Home » Beautiful UK Island Loved By Princess Kate And Prince William But Locals Want Tourist Ban

Beautiful UK Island Loved By Princess Kate And Prince William But Locals Want Tourist Ban

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William and Kate rented a place in Anglesey for years (Image: Getty Images)

A beautiful little island loved by Princess Kate and Prince William is now being termed as “playground” as locals want to ban tourists.

Residents of Anglesey, North Wales, claimed that their lives are being plagued by inconsiderate visitors and greedy outsiders snapping up second homes.

They have blasted tourists for using their beautiful UK island as a “playground” and claim it will never be the same again.

On Facebook, a disgruntled local posted: “I think what frustrates/angers some or many local people the most, is when they see the island which has always been their home, turned into “Instagram island” like all it is is a place on a postcard, reported The Sun

“Whereas to us it’s a living, breathing community which has been people’s homes and a bastion of the Welsh language for centuries.”

Anglesey, North Wales (Image: Getty Images)

The disappointed resident added she’s “so sad” when travelling to parts of the island as it “feels as though I am in England”.

In posts on social media, many homeowners highlighted the issue of younger families fleeing the area due to steep house prices.

They blamed the growing problem on properties being taken by second home owners and greedy landlords renting to tourists rather than long-term residents.

One Anglesey man said: “Imagine living on a street where you are the only permanent resident all year round and every other house on that street is a second home.

He explained during the busy season hoards of tourists flock to his neighbourhood and park right in front of his house.

“This was our reality for almost eight years,” he continued.

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Residents living in Anglesey, North Wales, say their lives are being plagued by inconsiderate visito (Image: Getty Images)

“Yes, there is animosity within our communities towards outsiders because people think that Ynys Môn is a playground for the rich of Cheshire.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton lived on the Isle of Anglesey, or Ynys Môn, from 2010 to 2013. The property, which is an old, white-stoned farmhouse, is also thought to be Prince George’s first home as Kate and William returned to Anglesey for a brief few weeks after he was born in London.

Speaking at the time of his and Kate’s experience on Anglesey, Prince William said: “This island has been our first home together, and it will always be an immensely special place for us both. Catherine and I look forward to returning again and again over the coming years with our family.

“I know that I speak for Catherine when I say that I have never in my life known somewhere as beautiful and as welcoming as Anglesey.”