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Home » ‘My Wedding Was Ruined By Gatecrasher – He Completely Took Over Our Special Day’

‘My Wedding Was Ruined By Gatecrasher – He Completely Took Over Our Special Day’

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Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. HOME News Royal Showbiz & TV Sport Comment Finance Travel Entertainment Life & Style UK Politics Royal US World Science Weather Weird History Nature Sunday InYourArea The mortified bride says wedding guests were forced to listen to the man’s attempts at singing but he made an ‘unbearable noise’. 17:24, Thu, Oct 19, 2023 | UPDATED: 18:05, Thu, Oct 19, 2023

The bride recounted her big day on Reddit which was ruined by a gatecrasher (Image: Getty)

A mortified bride has unleashed her misery at being forced to listen to a gatecrasher’s “screams” on her wedding day.

The woman took to Reddit to talk about the incident at her “intimate” wedding that went terribly wrong thanks to the unwelcome guest.

She explained: “I had an intimate wedding with only 50 guests. Only family and very close friends. 

“We planned everything to be beautiful and we had the party in our garden. 

“My uncle was going to attend the wedding with his girlfriend but he had a fight with her that week so he took his male best friend as his plus one.”

The distraught bride added: “The male best friend thinks he is a singer but he only screams and makes an unbearable noise.”

The bride explained that whilst her and her husband were getting pictures, the man snuck on stage and started to go through his repertoire – for an unbearable hour and a half.

She said: “When I saw him at my wedding, I was afraid he might want to perform but I thought the DJ would say something to us if he asked him to play his CDs. Things were going well. 

“At some point my husband and I had a photo session with our parents and his siblings. When we got back to the party, this guy was ‘singing’ and the DJ was playing his CDs. 

“Back then, I didn’t know how to set boundaries so I didn’t say anything. Everyone was very confused. He ‘sang’ for about an hour and a half.”

Although the party resumed, the bride admits the moment was very “cringy”. She even revealed she has never seent he man in question again.

Although some fellow Reddit users sympathised, others laid the blame with the couple. One said: “Why did you let him sing for that long? 

“That’s on you, you could have stopped him, thanked him and given the floor back to the DJ at any time during that impromptu concert…so could your hubby. 

“Why would you let him ruin your day?  Why didn’t you give the DJ a boundary for this nut job?  Sorry but that’s all really on you for allowing it.”

Another said: “Why on earth did nobody stop him or kick him out??? I feel for you, but an hour and a half is not a ‘moment’.

“I would have felt like that lasted an eternity. Glad to see you learned to set boundaries.”

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