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Home » The Pretty UK Seaside Town Ranked One Of The Unhappiest Places To Live

The Pretty UK Seaside Town Ranked One Of The Unhappiest Places To Live

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It’s long been said that a trip to the seaside can be restorative for mind and body – and that’s why living by the seaside is a dream for many.

But one seaside town – that is becoming increasingly popular with commuters – is leaving residents feeling sad, reports MyLondon.

Eastbourne is located in East Sussex, on the south coast of England – 19 miles east of Brighton and 54 miles south of London.

Its seafront boasts stunning Victorian hotels, a beautiful pier and there’s plenty to do with an increasing amount of tousists choosing to spend their cash there.

Eastbourne’s population is growing too – between 2001 and 2021 it increased from 89,800 to 101,700 as the town attracts a younger population of students and families.

But in August Guardian Carers ranked Eastbourne as the eighth least happiest place to live in the country.

The survey ordered towns based on several factors, including household income, crime rates, employment and access to green space.

It has to be said, however, other surveys in the past have actually found the complete opposite.

A study by Beds Divans ranked Eastbourne as the fourth happiest town in the UK, basing its research on how much sunlight towns get during the winter.

Chalk is a website which aims to improve the perception of Eastbourne – and residents have had their say about what it’s like to live there.

One man, a 20 year old male with a partner, said: “Growing up in Eastbourne was fine – what can I say? I haven’t really experienced anything else. 

“It’s perfectly pleasant and I wouldn’t consider there to be anything offensive about Eastbourne!”

Another resident, a single woman in her mid thirties, said: “Friends love coming down from London to visit for the weekend – to see the sea, to eat out, to go for a nice drink at the harbour. 

“I can meet up with friends with families and see how much their young kids love spending time outdoors in our parks, Treasure Island, or Knockhatch. 

“I can get everywhere in 15 minutes. It’s about the simple pleasures, and regaining space and a feeling of freedom. 

“And affordability: it doesn’t cost me money effectively just to leave the house, as it did before in the city!” 

With a journey time of around 90 minutes to London by rail its property prices – on average selling under £320,000 – are also a huge draw to the area.

Kevin Shaw, National Sales Director at Leaders, said: “These towns and cities are the obvious choice for people who want the best of both worlds; the job opportunities on offer in London and a more affordable home in a quieter location that is ideal for bringing up a family.”