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Don’t Ruin Our Nation’s Day Of Remembrance: Fears Over November 11 Pro-Palestinian March

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Fears over huge pro-Palestinian march (Image: Shutterstock)

More than one million protesters are being urged to flood central London on November 11 to denounce Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Last night, there were demands for soldiers to be deployed to bolster security at the Cenotaph where the traditional two-minute silence honouring British and Commonwealth war dead will take place the following day.

Tory MP Henry Smith said: “After consecutive weekends of demonstrations where the Cenotaph and other national monuments have been grossly disrespected, it’s completely inappropriate for further protests over Remem-brance weekend.”

He added: “I don’t have confidence in the Mayor of London or Metropolitan Police to properly handle the situation and call on the Government to consider deploying [the military].”

Colonel Richard Kemp, the ­decorated former British Army commander and Afghanistan war veteran, said: “Those who are thinking of boycotting acts of remembrance are at liberty to do so, but it is worth remembering many Muslims as well as Christians, Jews and members of other religions, or no religion, fought and died for the freedom and liberty we enjoy today.

“All I would ask is that those who do not wish to take part do not attempt to politicise, protest or disrupt these solemn events which mean so much to so many of our people in this country, including families recently bereaved by sacrifice in war.”

The Royal British Legion said: “The Poppy Appeal is a time for remembrance and not for political protests or public disorder as we honour those whose service and sacrifice protects our rights and freedoms.”

Tory MP Michael Fabricant said: “These demonstrators who have little understanding of the issues in the Middle East – the influence of Iran, the savagery of Hamas, and the democracy of Israel – apparently have even less understanding of the British way of life including the respect for Armistice Day, which they seek to disrupt. Do they actually believe this will help the Palestinian cause?”

Former Tory and now Reclaim MP Andrew Bridgen said: “The act of remembrance does not glorify war. Indeed, it reminds us all of the human cost of wars, which many families in the UK know only too well.

“Only someone with a very divisive agenda would seek to twist our national day of remembrance into something which it is not.” Dilly Hussain, the deputy editor of Muslim news site 5Pillars, had sparked further anger by saying the traditional silence would be defiantly disrespected.

Huge Pro Palestine sit down protest at Liverpool St stationHe said: “We are expected to observe a two-minute silence on Remembrance Day. There will be a resounding rejection of this silence this year, and for many years to come.”

Police are worried simmering tension that has developed since Hamas launched a terror attack on Israel on October 7 could explode when the nation falls silent on the most sacred day in the Armed Forces calendar.

It is now considering drafting officers in from other forces, as it did for the Coronation in May.

Since Hamas staged the massacre, which slaughtered more than 1,400 people, multiple demonstrations have been held across the UK, notably in London, during which hundreds of thousands have voiced support for Palestine.

The Friends of Al-Aqsa – Peace in Palestine has called on supporters to join “the million march for Palestine” and is laying on coaches to take people to the capital, it was said. The most recent round of demonstrations were attended by around 100,000 people.

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Crowds of pro-Palestine protestors march with place cards (Image: Shutterstock)

Yesterday, Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said: “Clearly we cannot let these protests get out of hand, but it is creating a significant stretch and this looks like it is going to be a rolling, sustained pattern.”

In a statement on social media, the Met said they were aware of reports that remembrance events could be disrupted by protests. The post said: “We will do ­everything in our power to ensure this does not happen. We know there are concerns about pro-Palestinian campaigners.

“They do intend to hold a demonstration on the Sunday but they are engaging with our officers and have said they are willing to avoid the Whitehall area, recognising the sensitivities around the date.

“This is a weekend with huge national significance. We will use all the powers available to us to ensure anyone intent on disrupting it will not succeed.”

Comment by Asa Bennett – Assistant Editor Remembrance Day offers a profound moment for us all to reflect on the losses suffered through war and to honour the ultimate sacrifice of those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today.

People of all religions – Jews, Christians, Muslims and others – gave their lives to defend us from the forces of fascism.

Others suffered life-changing injuries in the line of duty.

We owe it to these heroes to remember their sacrifice with respect.

That is why it is tragic that some rabid Left-wing activists want to hijack the solemn occasion for their own ends.

Anti-Israel protesters plan to hold a rally this Saturday in Trafalgar Square to show their continued outrage about Israeli forces entering Gaza to root out the Hamas terrorists who struck last month.

This is only the latest in their series of demonstrations which have blighted our streets in recent weeks.

Further protests are in the works next week to coincide with Remembrance Day, with some calling for a “Million March for Palestine”.

However if many people turn up on the day, it will be unavoidably chaotic.

Previous protests in London have attracted as many as 70,000 people, according to police estimates.

They have proven to be a magnet for radical anti-Semites and Israel haters, with notorious chants heard for “Jihad”, shouts of “God’s curse be upon the Jews” and even a Tube driver leading a rallying cry of “from the river to the sea” – which Jewish groups agree amounts to a call for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Each Israeli and Palestinian civilian killed is heartbreaking.

Every reasonable person wants the violence to end, yet Hamas boasts it will not stop until Israel is annihilated. If attention-hungry protesters think targeting Remembrance Day will win their cause support, they will be sorely mistaken.